Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Trailer tuesday

Since It is tuesday, I figured why not do a trailer tuesday on book inspired movies....

I am so pumped to watch Divergent come to life. It had so many action scenes in the book, I am curious as how are they going to make it come to life.

The girl playing Tris wasn't exactly who I pictured to play her character, but the actress isn't bad. I can see how she was chosen to play Tris. The guy playing Tobias is really goodlooking. I can't wait to watch him play his role as  Tobias XD.

I am also pleased to say that catching fire is coming out soon to theaters.
Since Divergent and Catching fire are both dystopian, I am sure that there will be a fierce battle between the two. This fact makes me even more excited because it just means that both movies will work hard into making their films much better because of competition.
Catching fire is my favorite book in the whole Hunger games series. It had the most action and It kept me at the edge of my seat. I am looking forward as to how the movie will turn out.
I have VERY HIGH expectations.
I can't wait to watch it >.<

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